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Miner in Petticoats


Miner in Petticoats

Ah, the Old West, where no one cast a shadow…


  1. Help! The ground is being broken apart by a giant pickaxe, revealing nothing underneath but a horrible tealish nothing and the author’s name!

  2. Well they do kind of have shadows but they don’t seem to be caused by the sun. Strangely the woman gives off a man’s shadow and the little girl gives off a grown woman’s shadow and the shadows appear to be on the verge of making out. That’s just too creepy for words.

      1. No, look quick: behind the lady and over the cabin — a giant miner shadow! A big scary miner, not a minor miner. And not in petticoats.

  3. They are in an alternate dimension where light shears through organic material like a hot knife through some warm soft stuff and the pickax is the Galactis of the universe.

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