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Kett’s Subdivision

Ketty’s Subdivision

Kill it! Say again, KILL IT!!! (h/t Vee)


          1. A close exam shows that there is no bolt in the action of the rifle. One of those safety locks (like a bicycle lock) runs through the empty receiver.

            So whether the one in the crosshairs is one of the “marauding aliens”, one of Ketty’s “rag tag band of survivors” of the alien invasion, or Ketty’s “one true love” the “screwed up bot” Boondock, no one is in real danger on the cover, just us looking at it.

            This is still one of the most disturbing covers ever at LBC.*

            *(and that includes the covers false-flagging incest (Love Thy Sister (Mina’s First Adventure) and Sister Audrey (A Brothers Best Friend) or The Erect Oak about extreme tree-hugging)

            1. ┬┐This is categorized at Amazon under Children’s Books, Children’s eBooks, Teen & Young Adults? ┬┐!? Holy Sqnkl!
              Self pub authors really ought to get an honest critic to vet their covers before they hit “publish”.

  1. The sniper looks like he’s just a small boy as well.
    This is the danger of subdivision — it leads little children to murder each other.
    Or is this cover just the product of a really sick mind?

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