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Hilda – Back to school (Hilda the Wicked Witch Book 7)

Hilda – Back to school (Hilda the Wicked Witch Book 7)

Well, there’s a photo of children, and a photo of a classroom; that’s almost like having a photo of children in a classroom…


  1. “Teacher, why are we sitting here looking at a filmstrip of an empty classroom? Couldn’t we do something interesting like practice our multiplication tables?”

    On a side note, I was curious enough to look at some of the other books in the series. Most of the covers are better than this one (admittedly low bar), but I’m surprised that Disney hasn’t come after him for the cover of Book 2: that’s not just a generic “Snow White” on the cover.

    1. That’s not Snow White. That’s Snow-White. Adding the hyphen makes it a completely different person and thus could not possibly infringe on any Disney copyrights, so the author probably thinks.

  2. “Complete your Soviet training, children of the Revolution, and one day we may allow you to sit in an actual classroom rather than merely look at a picture of one on a screen.”

  3. Shame there does not exist a photograph of actual unremarkable children in an actual unremarkable classroom. (Wait, were they trying to do a depth of focus thing? Like an out of focus background?)

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