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Modern Marvels – Viktoriana

Modern Marvels – Viktoriana

Of note: A marvelous bum.


      1. No need for anyone else, to ever comment further on the topic–that video, which is bloody priceless–says it all. Absolutely perfect. And so literally perfect forthis cover, which has–gasp!–gears stuck on it.

        TY for that, Ian.

  1. I had to Look Inside! The Viktorian era heroes include “Edgar Allen Poe as The Raven” . . . . uh, that’s Allan. the author gets it right later own, but wrong on the first mention.

  2. I just noticed the price in the top left hand corner. Who pays $19.95 for something like this?
    And is that the selling price of the book, or the cover designer’s fee?

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