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Clouded Eyes: A collection of poems about life, love, and zombies

Clouded Eyes: A collection of poems about life, love, and zombies

I would be very disappointed if this book didn’t contain a haiku with the line “Om nom nom nom nom.”


  1. er…
    As you sit in your tweed or your Crombie,
    Asking, “What can that sound, om nom nom be?”
    Try to think of the answer:
    If you find that you can’t, sir,
    Your brain’s been chewed up by a zombie.

  2. Brains and zombie, standing by a tree

    Some use a knife and fork,
    Some use a hose,
    Suck up all them juicy cells,
    Down the hatch they goes.

  3. I love the people in the background blithely enjoying a day in the park completely unaware of the zombie munching on brains.

      1. Even so, that would mean there is corpse somewhere nearby without a brain. That park looks pretty busy. You’d think someone would notice.

  4. Get that girl a napkin!

    Did no one teach you any manners? Use a fork and knife next time.

    You’re not allowed to swim for another hour, sweetie, after such a big meal.

    Believing the old saying “you are what you eat” and trying to become smarter.

  5. Zombie poem zombie poem,
    Watch em run watch em eat em.

    Zombie poem zombie poem,
    The cover is lazy and feels rotten.

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