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Hallows Eve: Time Patrol

Hallows Eve: Time Patrol

Bob Mayer’s covers are getting better, but they’re still pretty bad. (I don’t want to have to add a tag for kerning, but dang.)


  1. The cover looks like a cross-over between the Nazgul and Martin Luther. That is a wild fan-fic vibe, or maybe just me.

    1. In which the task of keeping the Indulgence of Doom out of the hands of the Dark Pope Leo falls to a simple monk named Martin. Accompanied by his friends, Martin must journey to the evil land of Rome and cast the Indulgence back at the quill from which it came.

      The details could probably use a little work, but I’ve seen stranger fics.

  2. At least it tells anyone who has trouble remembering dates, that Halloween or All Hallows Eve is on Oct. 31. Hopefully there will be part 2: Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve.

  3. wow, looking at his Amazon sales ranking, Bob Mayer sells very well even with awful covers. I wonder how he can pull that off since a lousy cover usually means lousy sales.

    1. His “New York Times Bestseller” status obviously came from traditionally published books; with these reissues and new books, he’s already got a fanbase. The quality of the book cover is definitely a factor, but sometimes we need to remember that it’s not the ONLY factor.

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