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TOAST: Why The White Man is Demonized, then Doomed

TOAST: Why The White Man is Demonized, then Doomed

Given that this particular “white man” is actually a Gallifreyan… (h/t Jami)


  1. The Doctor here looks like he’s had a few too many pints at the pub and has to relieve himself on the way back to the TARDIS.

  2. I’m sure David Tennant would be just delighted to see his picture being used on some idiotic, scaremongering screed. My question is what search words the author was using to find it, and why he chose a photo of what must have looked to him like a guy pissing on a wall.

  3. BTW – If anyone’s curious I did (more than once) contact the BBC and even tweeted this to David’s wife. While I did get a response from the BBC as you can see they still haven’t gotten it taken down. So hopefully gaining some attention here will force their lawyers to work faster (or at all).

      1. Yep.

        She’s the 5th Doctor’s daughter who played the 10th Doctor’s daughter/altered clone, who married the 10th Doctor and had his daughter (and son if I remember correctly).

        She also went to school with the daughter of one of the other Doctors and said she thought at the time all kids’ fathers at one time were the Doctor.

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