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The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America

The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America

Despite all appearances, it’s supposed to be a novel. (h/t Christine, and mle nevin, and David)


  1. First, we’re all lazy government workers. Now, we’re insidious and working for the downfall of America. But, you know, it won’t happen … cuz we’re lazy πŸ™‚ Does Wolfie have his own tag by now?!?

  2. I’m completely, completely speechless. It can’t be a Deadly Ground image ripoff, because, after all, he was about…oh, 60-80lbs thinner, in that movie. It’s only the last few years, doing el cheapo movies for Sony, that he’s decided to compete with the Goodyear Blimp for how much sunlight each can block.

      1. Make that ” […,]I guess he thinks, goes better with his Russian and Serbian co-citizenship.” One should never expect anything that Seagal does to make sense.

  3. I helped to bag Stephen Seagal’s groceries once while working at a grocery store about 10 years ago. He had an entourage of assistants (like at least 4 people) running them out to his car and coming back for more, and he tried to impress us by saying something like, “Betcha don’t see big purchases like this very often, huh?” The cashier gave him some sass and told him that we did, sometimes.

    It was actually pretty uneventful, considering by all accounts he’s a colossal jerk. Oh, but one of the bags I’d filled for them apparently tore open partway through the parking lot. So I guess I should say that I did a poor job bagging Stephen Seagal’s groceries. My one claim to fame!

    1. Mwahaha. I am professionally acquainted with some fellows who served in Nam, “in the day.” Long story short, one was effectively SpecOps, and he and his co-author of screenplays (wildly, they ended up writers…) met The Seagal for a lunch, about something that was being pitched at one of the networks.

      Seagal liked to go on and on, as is his wont, about what a bad-ass he was, until he realized that the dude he was sitting with was an actual, no-sh*t badass killing machine. The rest of the lunch, as they say, was pretty bloody hilarious. I’m pretty sure that even with the massive height difference, Van Damme could have kicked his ass and there’s no doubt that Chuck Norris surely coulda. (Wooden acting or no, chuck WAS a serious badass in the ring.)

      Ah, the good old days of full-tilt-boogie testosterone-driven action/adventure films. I kinda miss ’em.

  4. Oh God ,Sherrif Joe ,embezzling the good folk of Arizona for decades and repeat human rights violator.Just the guy I’d want to write a foreword.

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