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H.E.R.O. – Riftguard

H.E.R.O. – Riftguard



    1. Someone put a horse, a porcupine, and a Thanksgiving turkey in a teleporter and they were scrambled in transmission?

      1. Who’s to say that isn’t her? That’s fer damned sure enough boob for 3 people–and frankly gross to look at. I don’t care how puerile one is, that’s gross.

    1. So gross I don’t have the curiosity to click the link, even using incognito mode.
      This is a book cover so lousy that it screams Don’t Buy This Book!
      (Maybe we’re being pranked. Yeah, that’s the only sane reason to make a cover like this, Hey, let’s troll Lousy Book Covers.)

      1. I…I clicked on it.

        No surprise, it sounds as absolutely puerile and moronic as the cover would lead you to believe. There’s a whole series of these things. I did get a kick out of the two-star review:

        “…Everytime you write about ‘her huge breast’ or ‘I wonder if she is into girls’ or ‘oh no, my costume is shredded, let me hold a napkin over my heaving breasts’….Awful, does the author need some other ‘outlet’?”

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