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Relativity Applications of Mass

Relativity Applications of Mass


Relativity Applications of Mass

Seems a primitive cover for a 147-page ebook priced at forty bucks, but maybe looking at the description…

Life is never easy and I pray for reality. The reality of a better future for US all!

I wrote a letter to the entirety of, The Congress of the United States of America, in the last years of the 90’s. I have not read that letter in over twenty-years’. This personal story, very close to my heart and feelings, is now a true reality, for all to accomplish a better life, standard of living and saves our world from famine and hunger. Yes, it is a reality that is occurring to us all, whether through weather events, war or medical treatments and more. I have continually pushed, driven forward and marched to improve your life, regardless of my own personal story.

To win, conquer, and control our planet, so humanity, thus you and your family, will live for eternity, safely in peace and GREATNESS! WE WILL BE THE GREATEST GENERATIONS



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