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Two Lonely Graves.

Two Lonely Graves.

Forbidden love in the year 1900…



  1. K.J. Towking? Author of the Garry Rotter books?
    Nice full stop usage there, K.J.

    Check out the “Look inside” … that’s one hell of an opening paragraph.

    1. I started reading it and then scrolled ahead. Blimey!

      The entire oeuvre is similarly deranged. From Butterfly Poo Poo:

      Here is some soap Peter the Clown let me rub it all over your face. (sic)

      I just hope ‘Kipper’ is now getting the help they need.

    1. Maybe he stabbed the book and the book is bound in live flesh like the Naturom Demonto aka Necronomicon Ex-Mortis .

  2. Why doesn’t the stick-figure on the cover have a face? I’ve tried making it bigger but it still makes no sense.

  3. I’d like to think this is about a magician who’s just sawed somebody in half with a butterknife. Because at least that would explain why there are two graves.

    Also: AUTHOR!

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