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There may be an alternate universe in which this is acceptable, but…


  1. NSFW:

    Is that a set of giant, spotted dick testes there, above his head? I mean…not to have a mind in the gutter, but…that’s what they look like, sans the decorations.

  2. Well, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and a pair of compound eyes with a red Bozo nose are … The Fly dressed as Pennywise the Clown. I’d be in a world of hyper too if that chased me down a subway and I’d shot myself in the leg with my own whippet.

    He looks like he’s entreating the Great God Calgon: “Take me away!”

    1. Corrections.
      1. That looks like the spaceship from the SciFi series Lexx which some potty minds insist was modeled on male genitalia. (Lexx was a product of the Insect Civilization, so there.)
      2. The red dot on the leg of the dude in distress is the dot of the first i in Pirillo. My mistake for thinking it was a wound.

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