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Can You Survive A Plane Crash

Can You Survive A Plane Crash

And more to the point, do you want to? (h/t Bruce)


  1. If you somersault into space from a burning plane and survive reentry–while holding a toddler–you deserve some kind of award sticker on your book cover.

  2. I know that this is the least of the cover’s problems, but the inconsistent capitalization is driving me batty. It’s “The Burning Plane,” “Brought Down The Plane,” and “The Air,” but “the Toddler’s Life,” and “the Mid-Air Crash.”

    Seriously, pick a style and stick to it (it would be nice if it were the grammatically correct style, but at this point I’ll settle for anything consistent). And proofread your !@#$#! cover.

  3. The only real casualty is punctuation.

    And, why risk that potential readers won’t read the back cover copy when you can just dump that shit on the front cover.

    Spoiler alert: planes usually crash DOWN.

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