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Close Calls

Close Calls

Probably tagging a cover featuring a hockey mask with “cut and paste” is asking for it, but…


    1. For some reason, the paperback cover is in 6×9 proportions like many books, but the Kindle edition cover is cropped and skewed to what appears to me as typical CD or DVD cover proportions.

  1. I don’t hate this cover for any technical/design reason. I feel like the images are put together okay. To me, a scary cover with a hockey mask is FRIDAY THE 13th. If this isn’t a Jason story, then the cover is misleading. A monster mask, gas mask, or ski mask is generically scary, but a hockey mask is as specific as a Spider-Man mask. (Side note: I was actually surprised at how many stock photos of “hockey-masked killers” there are out there.)

  2. Weird title. Is this a self-help book for depressed serial killers? “Never give up, I know it was a close call but next time you’ll get ’em for sure!”

    The title font is just too friendly and stands at-odds with the rainy forest and the depressed hockey player mourning the lack of snow.

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