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Monkeys at Typewriters

Monkeys at Typewriters

A teenager uses yoga to unlock his body’s plasticity potential.
But when he turns to crimefighting, he runs afoul of a politically connected mad scientist.



  1. Honest to god…we’ve seen a lot of crappy bookcovers here. We’ve seen covers that left me speechless; covers that made my eyes bleed; covers that made me WANT for my eyes to bleed, so that I could no longer see them…but this one? This one gobsmacks me. I mean…WHAT? What possible relation does this title and this cover have to the alleged plotline?

    Nathan’s captioning is simply perfect. Whhaaaa???

  2. I could be way off, but I don’t even think the cover is THAT bad. It seems to have been chosen at random and paired with this book. Not even the title makes any sense.

    1. That’s exactly it. It’s as though the cover image from one book, plus the quasi-random title were matched with another book by the simple expedient of taking names from a hat. It’s bizarre.

    2. Looking Inside to judge the cover by the book, the opening reads to me like Plastic Man fan-fic, not that there’s anything wrong with Plastic Man fan-fic, but … monkeys at typewriters? Did someone hold a NaNoWriMo round-robin writing rodeo event? (Even more important: does neoplastic man get a Woozy Winks comic sidekick?)

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