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And I’m not gonna even pretend I can parse those words.


  1. Not sure I’m entirely comfortable with the words ‘lust covets most’ and a picture of a little girl with a teddy on the same cover.

    1. I couldn’t bring myself to look inside, but I just had to look at the page for this goofy thing. According to the author, it is apparently both ‘Dickensian’ and ‘gnarly’, two words I’ll admit I didn’t ever expect to see together.

      1. I am a damn liar with poor reading skills. The book is indeed gnarly but it is only Dickensian in the sense that “[s]ince Dickensian times, no author has conceived so damning a commentary, concerning contemporary childcare.”

        1. Yeah, I have to admit the book blurb is right: no damning commentaries concerning contemporary UK childcare were conceived in the times of Chuck Dickens.

          Scan Sketches by “Boz,” Illustrative of Every-day Life and Every-day People 1836: you will find no reference to 21st century UK Social Services legally abducting 10 y.o. girls and passing them to Muslim Sex Slave rings.

          Gnarly. Cowabunga. Cue The Venture‘s “Wipeout”.

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