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Darcy and Lizzy: Bewitched

Darcy and Lizzy: Bewitched

I’m not sure you could design a good cover for a Price and Prejudice variation in which Darcy and Elizabeth are menaced by the “Nanny-Witch,” but…


    1. I could snark that by typing Price … Nargan had Pride and Prejudice (1813) confused with Fanny Hill (1745). I suspect (a) c and d are close together on the keyboard and (b) Mathan did not proof before hitting [Post]. Lesson for today: Proofread before [Post]. Especially if your a critic like me.

        1. I typed pri in my phone txt window and it suggested price so autocorrect could be blamed.
          For serious comments I use vedit or notepad so if something appears in my posts, as P.W. Herman would say, I meant to do that.

    2. Perhaps Natman was still suffering from sticker shock after that book of beauty tips.

      I once typed a wrong word and a word out of order in the same comment and did not notice it until immediately after clicking the Post button. I actually lost sleep over it! It still haunts me to this day.

      (This one here: http://lousybookcovers.com/?p=9883 )

  1. You’re all REALLY MEAN!!! Why don’t you find something better to do with your time than criticize hardworking webmasters? [runs off crying]

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