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Penny Maybe

Penny Maybe

Cropping is hard.


  1. “No, no! Point the camera over this way… and focus on me, not the obviously cut-and-paste stuffed toy someone shopped into this scene!”

      1. That did look a bit like a furry foot, but it also looked a lot like teddy bear shag.

        Either way, it’s still cut-and-paste; aren’t the big toes supposed to be on the in-side of your feet?

  2. For some reason this cover kind of grosses me out. I don’t have an issue with feet or anything–there’s just something really disconcerting about this tiny portion of foot right up close like that.

  3. Ctrl- zoom in to thumbnail ad size, her sandy toe looks like a face, her sunlit leg looks like a shoulder, and her shadowed shoulder looks like hair. Ctrl+ zoom out the illusion disappears. Awesome.

  4. What is that, a deformed chicken nugget? A scruffy teddy bear? If someone hadn’t /said/ it was feet, I never would’ve known–but on the other hand, knowing that it’s someone’s dirty foot doesn’t actually make me want to buy the book more.

  5. This is how my mum took photos on her old Kodak camera until she worked out which little glass window was the one she needed to look through.

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