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Invaders From the Dark

Invaders From the Dark

Not dark enough.


  1. POSRE: I love that font. That’s “Adventure,” for anyone that wants to know, from the late Neale Davidson of Pixel Sagas. (A PAID commercial font, BTW!!!). I hope that the cover creator paid for it.

    /’nuff said.

    1. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that ‘Invaders from the Dark’ sounds pretty similar to ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, whose title logo was the inspiration for the Adventure font…

    2. It’s a beautiful font, but it’s also really hard to use well — ideally, the text should be on an arc, with decreasing sizes…

  2. I just now realized that those grey protrusions from its head were highlights on its wolf ears. It doesn’t make any difference, but it caught my eye wrong. I think the wolf head might have been the better of the two drawings.

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