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Second Chance Earth: Change Is Our Future

Second Chance Earth: Change Is Our Future

Macmillan is a big-deal publisher. This does not compute.


    1. I just assumed he was pregnant. I got the impression it was a sci-fi, the world is different and needs to be repopulated kind of thing.

  1. It is odd about Macmillan though. They did have a self publishing wing that closed its doors, Publisher.com. If it was put out through there, maybe Amazon auto-updated the publisher from its imprint to Macmillan.

    1. From the Amazon page:

      Publisher: 4th Ave Press (August 12, 2017)
      Publication Date: August 12, 2017
      Sold by: Macmillan

      Heck if I know what to make of it though.

  2. The two separate characters, someone’s disembodied hand, and the sepia housey-thing with the shrubs look like they’ve been physically cut out of a history book and underwear adverts and stuck on with a Pritt-Stick.

    Cover suggests gay romance, categories it’s selling in suggest gay romance, but the blurb doesn’t suggest anything about gay romance, and sounds terribly dull.

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