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The Planet Builders

The Planet Builders

Just think, an entire planet like this.


  1. The BALL at the bottom surely refers to the image at the top?
    And who is the man on the right with the plastic face?
    And why quote marks around Kershaw? Is it the author’s real name or pen name?

  2. I think it’s the half a cover of blank whiteness that really sells it on me. I mean, when I’m in the mood for nothing, but not TOO much nothing.

  3. I’m hoping that the author’s description of himself is part of the parody.

    “Danny Ball is a professional freelance futurist and lifelong open-source software advocate. He has written over a dozen speculative fiction novels (unpublished) and has authored thousands of edits to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. He currently resides in Florida with his supportive mother and their three basset hounds”

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