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Life’s Greatest Gift: The stories of YOUR parents life

Life’s Greatest Gift: The stories of YOUR parents life

I usually insist on titles being consistent, just like I usually insist on noses being visible.


  1. Book cover created, then author realises title is wrong, so publishes under correct title but cover still wrong.
    I think Amazon KDP insists on the titles matching, so I expect this book will soon change either its title or cover.

    1. Apparently they used one of those predetermined cover templates that plugs image and text where it wants.

  2. Looks historically accurate to me.

    I remember watching “This is Your Life” on a black and white TV back in the 50s. Every now and then it would lose vertical sync and get some bars that would float up and down the picture. I think that also happened one time just before a tube went out.

  3. Maybe Grammy has crap teeth, and the cover designer took pity on her. See, guys? Always lookin’ for the bad, when that nice cover designer was just lookin’ out for her. 😉

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