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Harem Girl

Harem Girl

Is that a tail, or has her intestine extruded? (h/t Ian)


    1. Rotated eyes, that’s literally all it is. And over-saturated irises. I’ve just hoicked this image out to Photoshop and rotated them back again and she looks much more normal.

  1. That “tail” close up looks like a longish loincloth hanging from that … dangerous contraption — a chastity belt?

  2. The angle of her legs and body makes it appear that she is perching or leaning on that (?) tail.

    Remember those old books about the English hunting aristocracy, using “shooting stick” seats? Yup, that’s the ticket.

    1. I had to look up English “shooting stick folding seat”. Seems to me using a stick seat in a sword fight could limit one’s mobility, but I guess Harem Girl falling flat on the ground would be worse.

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