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Rib Bone Jack: The Poacher’s Path

Rib Bone Jack: The Poacher’s Path

I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this:

When a labourer is murdered on the coast road, the identity of the killers would be beyond the imagination of the townsfolk…


  1. * BOO-ring * false flagging are results.
    This appears to be another case of someone dropping text and image into a fixed cover template. The better part of the bland image is obscured by the title and the lightened title band. Title:subtitle were entered as one line and broke by word length when it should have been forced broke after the colon as
    Rib Bone Jack:
    The Poacher’s Path

    The font choice says Regency Romance to me, not English poacher falsely accused of murder caught up in England v France Napoleonic War.
    * Cargo Cult Template * image search gone wrong * bad font choice are the causes.

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