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USS Enterprise: Trial By Fire

USS Enterprise: Trial By Fire

I like periods. They add a note of somberness. Like this.


    1. Most of us satisfy our daily dose of masochism just by viewing the covers, but yes, on occasion, one or more of us will venture over there and take the plunge…and a few days later, when we’ve recovered, we’re back for the pain of the covers only. 😉

    2. I have many times checked the Amazon Look Inside preview to test the adage you can’t judge a book by its cover.

      Very often a bad self-pub cover accurately reflects the quality of writing, editing, formatting, research, whatever.

      Sometimes what reads in preview as a worthwhile book is sabotaged by an inept cover.

    1. Reminds me of that infamous bit during Desert Storm 1, with Baghdad Bob–the “Baby Milk Factory” where all the workers had that on the back of their coveralls–in English.

    2. Documentaries of US Naval Aviation show a lot of flight deck film including USS Langley CV1 (1922) and the USS Enterprise CV65 fire and beyond. Flight Deck Photo(grapher) may be a flight deck assignment like fuel or ammo handler (usually they have color coded jackets).

    1. You are thinking Starship Enterprise. 😉

      USS Enterprise (CVN-65, 1952-2012) on 14 Jan 1969 had a rocket on an F4 jet cookoff and a series of fires and explosions on the flight deck.

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