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It’s described as “Love in Post-Apocalyptic Amerandia.” Oo-kay…

(By the way, the “Look Inside” has a completely different cover which still doesn’t read as “post-apoc,” but at least includes the author’s name.)


  1. Tried reading the sample, and a few things struck me before I quickly gave up.

    1) The opening read like a school history report. Short “factual” sentences to describe events, with no feeling.

    2) Lots of people get wiped out, remaining leaders take over the world and decide your schooling and career. They can do this because the population is now so small. Not quite convinced it works like that.

    3) It has 14 reviews, all 4-5 star.

    At least the “Look Inside” cover suggests romance. From the displayed cover (especially given the title), I’d assume something else.

  2. The look inside cover looks way more passable that this one (Still False-flagging though) why didn’t they just go with that?

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