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Organic Gardening Guide For Beginner’s

Organic Gardening Guide For Beginner’s

Good grief, it’s an epidemic.


  1. This is pretty tricky; you would use the apostrophe for “A beginner’s guide” to indicate possession but if you say, “A guide for beginners” then you don’t because it’s plural

    I can see why apostrophes misplacement are such a common mistake, pronunciation remains the same and the misplacement doesn’t leave the sentence genuinely ambiguous just incorrect.

  2. Too bad, because I think the design overall is not bad for a gardening book. But no gardener wants to read a book that isn’t punctuated properly!

  3. Donna Mcgarthson, Organic Gardening For Beginner’s
    Barbara Glidewell, Indoor Gardening For Beginner’s
    Cheryl Canton, Herbal Remedies ~ And Medicine ~ For Beginner’s

    It’s a millennial movement. Rulez R 4 Grammar Nazi’s.

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