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Charlotte’s Pact

Charlotte’s Pact

Hands are hard.


  1. Those gaps between fingers are an awful nuisance, so let’s just make them all black and dull. There’s a good concept afoot here, but the execution is sketchy (see what I did there?).

  2. Presumably, this is about some type of handfasting agreement, right? Or ceremony? It doesn’t excuse the sketchy hands (running with Sirona’s clever little jibe), but at least you can get the concept.

    Still…a pretty awful cover, sadly.

      1. The box with the title and byline is good.
        The cityscape is fair.
        The pixelated grey cloud effects at the top and bottom are iffy.
        The hands … well, the thumb and the thread are fine but the fingers and the arms aren’t.

      2. You can tell the Hands are amateurishly drawn, and you want professionalism for a cover, it should never look like you struggled.

  3. The cover of her OTHER book, “When Houses Burn” (just follow the Amazon link) is a winner though.
    As an aside, I’ve never seen a Lauren with a grave accent before. Wonder how that’s supposed to affect the pronunciation?

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