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The Dinosaur Chronicles

The Dinosaur Chronicles

Extinction, please.


    1. Because a cartoonish dinosaur in a business suit and uncompelling type doesn’t doesn’t sell me on this:

      Aliens, creatures, time travel, and alternate dimensions mix with mystery and fantasy in this collection of fourteen tales by a dinosaur of a writer who still prefers old-style SF and fantasy that is carefully crafted, contains a twist or two, and provides satisfaction to the reader.

      1. The cover would not be bad for, say, Dominated by My Billionaire Dinosaur Boss (we haven’t had one of those covers in a while, is the genre extinct?)

        Looking at this book’s Amazon page, full blurb, that cover is the worst case of * false flagging in a long time. It does not advertise the content. The cartoon is a joke: the author regards himself as a dinosaur practicing old school F&SF. The book would be better served by an illustration of any one of the stories.

      2. Yeesh. Like Naaman said, that is some seriously egregious false-flagging. The stories themselves don’t sound bad (based on the description) but come on.

        It’s also a really crummy-looking dinosaur and that bugs me.

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