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Bookee & La La Love the Lord

Bookee & La La Love the Lord

I guess it must be okay to look at this cover and say, “Oh, Lord…”


  1. My main issue is the byline.

    Since Esquire is a title of courtesy, it should technically not be used in conjunction with a professional title such as Doctor.

    The American Bar Association also has an opinion (not a rule) that attorneys should not engage in what they term self laudation, even if the attorney has a law doctorate.

  2. And… looking at the link on Amazon, this is apparently part of a 3-book series. There is no consistency between the design of any of the books. WTF on this description:
    “So many American children face the relentless pressure to be stupid at school, home and in the neighborhood. The book addresses social ill and equips children with the coping skills to say no to the pressure to be stupid.”
    I thought people who are stupid can’t help being stupid? I also thought it wasn’t politically correct to call children stupid any more.

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