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More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity

More Than He Ever Bargained For: A Tale Of Female Domination And Male Chastity

Ain’t saying nothing.


  1. What’s wrong with her neck? And is this the best dominatrix pic s/he could find?

    I’m not surprised the author’s name is not on this cover. Or is Mistress Benay the author AND the dominatrix? Too many questions and too few reasons to seek the answers.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with her neck, but she’s pulling her head in and it’s a pretty unflattering position for a photo. I think she’s trying to seem serious and strict, but to me she mostly looks kinda perturbed, like she’s been waiting in line at the DMV for way too long.

      I don’t know, maybe the target audience is into that.

      1. I get the vibe from her expression that wifey is put out by hubby imposing his B&D fantasies on her and she is just not that into playing dominatrix.

  2. Honest to sh*t, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Are you being chaste, when being dominated? What’d I miss here? Man, all you ppl who bought that “50 Shades of Grey” thing, you must have really interesting un-sex-lives. What a reveal–so to speak.

  3. I love how the font and the maroon colol scream “extremely dry nonfiction,” the photo screams, “stolen from a skeevy ‘dating’ site profile for people over forty,” and everyone who sees the cover screams, “my eyes!”

    1. That is one of those over-used automated cover templates that show up on LBC too often.
      You give it image source, title, author, etc. and it plugs them in that format for you. And the vertical author ~ title is part of the front book cover, not the book spine.

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