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Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector – Arty’s Revenge

Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector – Arty’s Revenge

Every time I think I can never be stunned again…


  1. Okay, I just asked Google to “define pilp”.
    No results from regular dictionaries (“Did you mean pulp?”)
    Urban Dictionary has a couple … but I don’t THINK either of those are applicable O.o

      1. Not even that can make me forgive that font. That’s Infonticide, killing off that cover with one fell stroke. Nope, that’s an unforgivable pilp right there. (I can see that pilp is going to live on here at LBC….)

  2. Aaaaand player ejected for sloppy misuse of red. (Or is that Arty’s Revenge?) Foul! Excessive bitmapping. (And that’s being kind.) Lifetime ban from competition due to heinous use of semi-colon. (Imagine what’s on the inside of this thing!)

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