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The Alpha’s Mate

The Alpha’s Mate

I think the Alpha can do better.


  1. I have no idea what that tagline means. Presumably this is some popular-culture reference that has passed me by.

    Meanwhile – the sheriff pins his badge to the pocket of his bright new jeans, when? When he first gets dressed in the morning because he just knows he’s going to be walking around topless later on? (By the way – from the direction of the belt buckle and the fly, he appears to have been flipped horizontally before putting that badge on…)

    Actually those two people appear to have one full set of clothes between them. Oh! he’s wearing HER jeans? Is SHE the sheriff then?

    1. Flipped horizontally? Hey the ejection port on that semi-auto shotgun is on the left side. That’s rare. Their photog must be related to Billy the Kid’s pitcher taker. You know, I’ll bet the badge is fake — hand lettered by the “sheriff” looking at himself in the mirror after shaving and oiling his chest. WE can read it cause it’s flipped.

  2. Annnd, what’s the big rectangular door of light, in the background? Not to grab everyone’s rapt attention from the big chest, that is.

    1. I was trying to figure that out too! My two best guesses: it’s either a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion, or it’s from an alien mothership that’s either trying to beam up the wolves or has just beamed them down.

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