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Corgi Cove

Corgi Cove



  1. Looks like there’s a hole in the corgi. And he probably shouldn’t be sitting beneath that overhang.

  2. I don’t blame those fishermen for staying away from the dock. Not with the naked old man sitting there waving both hands over his head.

    1. The fact that the “patch” on the “dog”‘s neck is a blue hue like the background water does make it appear that it is a bald man with a white fringe of hair with his arms upraised with open hands and thumbs overlapped. (Nice tan if he’s a white guy.) If the patch had been a pure white like a true corgi, it would obviously be a dog.

      Obviously this is a psychological Rorschach test to see if “Corgi” in the title is enough to suggest that we see a dog rather than a man.

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