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The Bay of Wolves

The Bay of Wolves



  1. Ripping off a Botticelli masterpiece, then crapping on it to create a loathsome, execrable cover.


    1. Usually drawing + photo = lousy book cover.
      Covers like this blot all exceptions out of my memory.
      James is too kind in his choice of words.

      Comparing in detail with a photo of the painting, this appears to be a redrawing from the original Sandro Botticelli painting La nascita di Venere probably made for a lithograph print. No painting was harmed in the making of this cover. However good taste was thoroughly trounced.

    1. There is a bay whose name roughly translates as Chamber of Wolves but the lobos are lobos-marinhos wolves of the sea aka sea lions.

      1. Garrrr. I cannot get the image of Venus on the Half-shell attended by sea lions and trout out of my mind.

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