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Boko Haram Bride: My Life in a Terrorist Hell

Boko Haram Bride: My Life in a Terrorist Hell

All I will say is that this cover does not serve this book well.


  1. So….Mary Martha Davis was the Boko Haram bride? And she told her story to an author named Aabra?

    An I the only one who thinks that maybe that’s back-asswards?

    1. I was trying to work that one out, myself. But who knows, stranger things have haapened. Somewhere. Probably. I think.

    2. Boko Haram Bride as told to Aabra
      by Mary Martha Davis
      From the disclaimer: “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents depicted in this novel are a product of the author’s imagination. Unfortunately …” the lousy book cover has misled people.

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