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Codes of Mastery

Codes of Mastery

No master in evidence.


        1. The job of a cover on the internet or on a store shelf is to give people browsing for books a visual idea of the theme of a book. The author and title should be readable at thumbnail size.

          My evil inner critic followed the link and wants to critique the blurb.
          “Its really exiting to be privileged to write …”
          Its really exciting to be privileged to write ….

  1. I hate this website.
    have you critics actually read my book? Gosh I am so angry now. Bad sign for all of you!

    1. Um, here’s a clue, “The Master”: If was have to read your book to appreciate your cover, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Although I can’t even imagine anything I read could make this cover acceptable. It is, simply put, amateurish. I’m sorry that you think it’s “evil” to tell the truth.

      The revised cover is… not AS bad. But still bad.

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