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One Ring to Rule Her

One Ring to Rule Her

I swear, I’m going to stop identifying as “human.”


  1. Do you love vomiting? Do you have some new eye bleach you want to try out? Are you enthralled by overuse of the word “filling”? If any of these describe you, I urge you to read the Amazon descriptions for all five “books” in this series!

  2. There were nymphs and satyrs in “Lord of the Rings”?
    Did I somehow get the Scholastic Press bowdlerized version?

  3. Holy eyewash. Do you guys realize–I hate to point this out, I do–that she’s NOT WEARING anything under that? If you zoom, you’ll see the crease of her leg and her…well, the body bits across the crease from the leg. There’s nada covering her, so some fool photographed this with her Commando.

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