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The Body in the Parking Structure

The Body in the Parking Structure

What… what are the bullet holes actually in?


  1. They’re in the very fabric of reality.
    That said, the something in the foreground doesn’t particularly look like a body, unless it’s a body in a cape, riding an anteater. At least that’s what I see, maybe someone has a better idea.

  2. Is the book cover supposed to be bleeding?
    I am not sure that a parking structure could bleed.
    Unless it was in a David Cronenberg movie.

  3. Parking…structure? Does that not sound weird to anybody else, like it was written by a robot or an alien attempting to seem human or something?

    Why wouldn’t you call it a parking garage?

    1. Google:
      “parking garage” about 51,600,000 hits
      “parking structure” about 419,000 hits
      Some people take the word less traveled.

        1. Still, I’m glad you brought that up: it wasn’t just you – it sounded weird to me too.
          (Even “Multi-storey car park” gets 899,000 hits – which is a far more familiar phrase to me … but I certainly wouldn’t use it in a book title!)

          1. Car park, where mommie car takes the kiddie cars to play on the swings and slide while she catches up on the gossip in the latest issue of Motor Trend.

            (“Parking structure” does sound like the output of one of those automated translate programs, not quite what you hear from real people.)

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