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Steamy Shorts 2

Steamy Shorts 2

It’s erotica in Safe Mode!


  1. Holy pixelation! Imagine the contortion of files, saves, and who-knows-whats were required to make even the text pixelated. Why? Good goddess, WHY?!?!?!?!!!!

  2. I know, right? for whatever reason, everybody seems to be thinking the same thing–shorts, man! Not short stories, not short tales, but, plain old shorts. I fully expected, when I saw that cover, to scroll down and see something that had a woman in what used to be called hot pants. Shortie-shorts. HELL, boy briefs. Something. Not Dom boots and a half-skirt. (A wrap that goes around the back of short-pants or panties, to kinda look like a dress.)

    “Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts
    They’re such short shorts
    We like short shorts
    Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts.”

    (Gotcha, Nathan…)

  3. …And additionally, “écrivain” is French for “writer”, so it might be an om-nom-nom de plume.

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