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Steamy Shorts 2

Steamy Shorts 2

It’s erotica in Safe Mode!


  1. Holy pixelation! Imagine the contortion of files, saves, and who-knows-whats were required to make even the text pixelated. Why? Good goddess, WHY?!?!?!?!!!!

  2. I know, right? for whatever reason, everybody seems to be thinking the same thing–shorts, man! Not short stories, not short tales, but, plain old shorts. I fully expected, when I saw that cover, to scroll down and see something that had a woman in what used to be called hot pants. Shortie-shorts. HELL, boy briefs. Something. Not Dom boots and a half-skirt. (A wrap that goes around the back of short-pants or panties, to kinda look like a dress.)

    “Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts
    They’re such short shorts
    We like short shorts
    Who wears short shorts
    We wear short shorts.”

    (Gotcha, Nathan…)

  3. …And additionally, “√©crivain” is French for “writer”, so it might be an om-nom-nom de plume.

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