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Pinch of Larceny

Pinch of Larceny

That’s “Pinch,” not “Pink.”


  1. “Tanya Winters is a specialist, a High Value Asset Retrieval Expert. The CIA called Tanya a cat-burglar and immediately recruited her.”

    Because no one would suspect Motorcycle-Barbie of being a cat-burglar.

  2. Why do I feel like that motorcyclist has no idea this picture of her exists, let alone is being used for commercial gain?

    1. Yeah, I was thinking exactly the same thing.

      I mean, can anyone here imagine the CIA recruiting this chick? I don’t know what would be the more immediate “no”; the screaming pink motorcycle, the tutu, or the bloody teddy bear on the back.

      1. Secret agents are so unobvious: they try to blend into the crowd, so no one notices or remembers seeing them. This gal is “The Purloined Letter” of secret agents: so glaringly obvious no one would suspect her of being a secret agent. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. I found the Japanese girl in question: http://www.caradisiac.com/la-photo-du-jour-pink-lolita-116756.htm

    “The translation is: Unlike men, girls pay attention to coordinate colors, whether in clothes, shoes or even in the motorcycle. And some go to the extreme. Like this lady in “Pink attitude”, with helmet, jacket and KTM adventure repainted lolita color. Japanese pop culture does not affect only teenagers, proof.”

    So, no: the young lady in question, photgraphed 10 years ago, most certainly never gave permission for her appearance on this cover. She never even knew the photo had been snapped (and reproduced over 300x on the Net, of course), so I fail to see how she could have been found and contacted.

    Honestly, this kind of thing really torques my ass.

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