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The Body in the Bog

The Body in the Bog

Things learned: Neither bodies nor herons have reflections.


  1. I bet the condo association secret police did it because the curtains were a half shade off of the approved eggshell white.

    No one ignores the HOA Covenants. NO ONE!

    1. Looks to me like a body in “black pants” + “white shirt” + “red tie”. “black pants” + “white shirt” = formal, “red tie” = power assertion. That could be the deceased’s “bag” in the sense of taste or style or presentation. Hmmm. Not in a bag, but in a “bag”.

  2. Posrein: the superimposed, shadowless presence of the egret (which is indeed a type of heron, Nathan, so not correcting you, just being a bird nerd) perched over the body makes it appear that s/he is the perpetrator. And that amuses me a little.

      1. No problem. I thought “heron,” I googled to see if I was right, and then I said, “I’m putting WAAAY too much effort into this.”

  3. I’m going to pretend that THE ANYWAYS BOOKS NOVEL is like a choose your own adventure book where anything you choose makes no difference and you’re left feeling like you’ve gotten into a stranger’s van and there is neither candy nor puppies.

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