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The Memory of Loss

The Memory of Loss

“I think this stock photo I found will work perfectly for your book cover.”
“Terrific! Let’s just put this image of desk stuff on top of the upper half, and we’ll be ready!”
“What? But I –”



  1. WOW. Who takes a perfectly great image like that–an image that should make a really tight cover, with the right typography…and kibosh it like that? That’s just sinful. SINFUL. Out, damn crufty layers, out!

    Maybe she’ll read these, and remove the crufty bits (and, please, author, get a better font. Too. You have the beginnings of a truly good cover. Please, we’re beggin’ you.)

  2. If the distraction caused by the great clutter in the sky were to be removed, there would be only one strong focal point. Therefore, one must conclude, based upon the viewpoint assigned to the potential buyer, that this book was written for billy goats.

  3. Just taking a walk on the railroad tracks while letting my mind wander. What could possibly happen?

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