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What Lurks Behind The Keyholes

What Lurks Behind The Keyholes

Don’t ask me, I can’t tell either.


  1. I hate to hazard this, but…I’m pretty sure that that’s a blurred shot of a bum. Stand back and look at it. That’s a naked person’s bum, lying down. The bright spot is the curvature of the ass. Twoo.

    1. Taking a cue from August Derleth’s Lovecraft pastiche The Lurker at the Threshold it might be safer not to know what’s behind the keyhole.

  2. I had no intention to read the book to “get” the cover, but the Amazon page establishs it is about investigators at a haunted castle and the cover was designed by the author.

    Thumbnail ad size:
    PosRein: the author and title are clear and legible
    Lousy: the art is still WTH is that?

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