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Ghost Planet

Ghost Planet

And why is “ellis” not capitalized?


  1. Doesnt really says “ghost” or “planet” to me. The red, black and white says horror, but the font loses me. The lowercase “e” in Ellis might just be shame. Why is it square? Literally anything space or planet would be closer to the story description.

    1. You’d be amazed at just how many covers on Amazon are square or landscape oriented. It’s boggling. It makes me want to ask them if they’ve ever seen or read a book.

      1. Covers in landscape mode for books of text might say something about the cover artist or author. I have a book of Charlie Brown cartoons in landscape format.

    2. Reading the Amazon blurb, the cover definitely does not say frozen ice planet.

      Call me old fashioned but eBook covers should proportioned 6×9 like book covers; grudgingly, I’ll accept audiobook proportioned square like a CD or LP cover.

  2. The author had a limited budget for the cover and couldn’t afford a capital “E” for his last name. He should’ve used Kickstarter!

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