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Spell Knights

Spell Knights

Words fail me. (h/t Ian)


  1. Just use the smudge tool and the blur tool on the hands. No one will notice they are not furry fox hands.

        1. I really don’t think that’s a render — the creases on the blouse sleeve are too accurate — and if it is, it’s good enough to avoid the tag. And the font would be perfect adequate if it were used right, i.e., but in the right places at the right sizes.

          1. Because it’s not. I’m pretty sure that’s an ice skater, mid-skate, with a Fox head and furry paws pasted on, along with the sword.

  2. If the author wanted to have a fox sailor moon holding a sword on his cover, he could have easily gone on… “certain sites” and commissioned a talented artist to draw one for him, for like 70 bucks.
    Instead, he thought photoshopping a sword, a fox’ head and an awful fur shader(?) on a ballerina would be just as good.
    He was wrong.

  3. “Kitter is a young fox girl who wants nothing more than to practice ballet — and get revenge against political correctness and pussy liberalism.”

    First sentence, second paragraph, of the description.

    1. Sometimes you can judge the cover by the book.

      Amazon Kindle ed has pub date 22 May 2017 and no Amazon reviews as of 9 Aug.
      And its Amazon similar products line is:
      “Customers who viewed this item also viewed”
      “Customers who bought this item also bought”
      Amazon paperback ed has pub date 14 Feb 2017 and one scathing 1 Star review dated 20 Mar.
      Goodreads has a 1 star rating no review and a 1 star rating with a critical review.
      Lulu lists the book as currently unavailable.

      Judging it based on the book, this cover fits the book perfectly.

    2. well then.

      (oh dear everything i looked at the description of the author’s other book. word of advice: don’t.)

      1. LOL, would this be it?

        “Vampires and werewolves are old. It’s time for some new monsters.

        Diane is a weredragon, capable of turning into a reptile beast by the light of Jupiter. Her father has met a warrior’s end at the hands of the vile sand niggers, and it is up to her to avenge him. Vying for power against her are the unicras, a fair race that is vulnerable to the dark but talented in the mind, and the pentagras, a minotaur-like species that is founded entirely on sex and violence as Mars rises. Of course, all wars are complex, and the clonal colony werehyenas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to battling factions that have no allies or loyalties. Gold bullets can slay weredragons, but don’t worry — Diane has enough darkness in her heart to kill every f’ing enemy species.

        No political correctness. No pansy liberalism or faggots. Dotheads and sand niggers may not want to read this.

        Welcome to the 21st Century. Say hello to the legendary monsters of the future.”

        Somehow this guy is able to make the silliest, most brainless drivel sound completely pretentious.

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