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Are you sure this is my species?


  1. Y’know, s/he obviously paid actual money, to have this cover drawn. And while it does channel Spy V. Spy (h/t, Bruce), it’s also doing something else–completely and totally confusing anyone who would see it. I mean, if you don’t already know the author, or have WOM (word-of-mouth) about the book, why would you stop and take a look, to see if this book is for you? It’s got the ubiquitous “a novel,” which tells us exactly nothing.

    (Having lost my mind, and checked out the book on Amazon, it’s listed as “Genre: Fiction, paranormal, fantasy & science fiction, adventure, humor, and romance.”

    I guess that explains the lack of a coherent genre “story” on the cover. Who would be able to decide what to pick? 🙂

    Oh, well.

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