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Ring of the Wizard Vampire

Ring of the Wizard Vampire

“No! No! No! You’ve shown the wizard vampire, but where’s the ring?!”

“Fine. Here.”

(h/t Vivian)


  1. Guy looks like the model on one of those super cheap last minute Halloween make-up kits that comes with smudgy face paint and plastic fangs.

    1. I almost did an image search for “halloween vampire make-up kits.
      But it’s the square cropped photobombing ring that really makes this cover what it is.

      1. Naaman–are you Tineyeing? I ask b/c I get SCADS of books with “images.” (sigh). Now, I don’t think that my firm is liable, if some publisher uses “Google Images” (don’t get me started), but…I always check, anyway, if I don’t see image credits, licensing info, etc. I find Tineye very great for plain images, but not so great for combo/blends like the guy in that cover. Do you crop the guy out, and search on that, or…?


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