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Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness

Is he standing in a hole, or just missing his lower legs?


    1. That’s the world’s smallest, and simultaneously, oddly-shaped, knee-deep, foxhole, if that’s what we’re all thinking. WHY on earth he’d be standing in it, and OUT of it, at the same time, saluting…nobody knows.

      Ooooh, wait! I got it! He’s a Saluting Zombie! That’s his grave. , and he stood up to salute, when he heard the B17’s going over.
      Somebody got confused, and put that road directional sign there, but…hey. You know, Zombies have a crap sense of direction, and can’t follow maps worth a damn. Stupid Zombies.

  1. Well, you know, witches and suicides and executed criminals used to be buried at a crossroads. Maybe one of those is this fellow’s schtick.

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