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Knight of the Flame


Knight of the Flame

Once again, there’s a fine but definite line between “minimalist” and “dull.”


  1. The problem with full-face silhouettes: You can’t tell if the figure is facing towards you (“Hi there! Check out this flaming corkscrew behind me!”) or away from you (“Hey, watch this! I’m about to put my hand on this flaming corkscrew!”).

  2. I think it would’ve been better without the zombie-knight-mannequin dude. It would’ve been generic and kinda dull but better. The figure on there is just to cartoonish, too comic. Leaving him off and doing something cool but measured to the type would’ve made a more respectable cover. This needs dimension and polish not black-silhouette paper-doll men! LOL

    1. I’m OK with it too. But I’d be more OK with it if the flame actually looked like flame instead of a towering yellow smudge.

  3. I like this one, too. I agree that it would work better if the figure was removed and the author’s name moved down into that space (+remove the “By”). The story probably has some symbol for the Order of the Knights of the Flame (or whatever) that could be added, instead of the “Knightie” that this figure is wearing.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Really.

    I never was sure about the silhouette. About a week after publication, I started thinking that the lines were too hard, that it didn’t quite go with the font, and the tunic was all wrong.

    I also keep going back and forth on the black background. I think it works on the physical book, as it wraps around the whole thing. But with the front cover alone, it’s like there’s these oppressive, dark columns pushing in from either side.

    1. ::holds John up by his cute little scruff::

      Isn’t he a wonderful author/designer, everyone? LBC needs more like him!

      ::scratches behind John’s ear::

      Seriously…big kudos, John, for accepting criticism with grace and gratitude. It’s not easy sometimes, having your baby spanked as it were, but it’s awesomey awesomeness when an author can ignore our snark and find the value.

      Gotta <3 Author John. 🙂

      As for the black borders, I don't mind it but I think the line between it and the flame column needs to be softer, so the flame looks more organic and wild-edged. It looks too colored in and not licking-flame enough. Wow. Does that make any sense? If not, just ignore me!

    2. Two covers with related designs that you might get some ideas from:

      The Emperor of All Maladies, nonfiction with a light background and similar text treatment; and The Time Machine, Random House, 1931. Black edges with red in the middle, it was a collectible edition with designs by W.A. Dwiggins (it’s kind of clumsy looking, I like yours better).

    3. I think this is a very competent cover. Definitely nowhere close to the disaster I usually see on this site. I think it hits all the right emotional tones and has a good use of color and spacing.

      If you’re using photoshop, a few suggestions: use the blur tool on the silhouette to blending him a bit. Also try using the color burn paint brush on the flames to make them look a tiny bit more flame-y.

      Having said that, I’d definitely pick this book off the shelf. Very decent cover.

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